What I Learned Writing a Rhetorical Analysis

How does a rhetorical analysis differ from an objective summary?

A rhetorical analysis differs from an objective summary in a few ways. One of the ways they differ includes how the author uses his or her arguement. In a rhetorical analysis, the author is trying to get a view across to their reader, and the reader is determining how they are going about that. In an objective summary is your views on a particular argument another author has made.

What is the goal of a rhetorical analysis?

The goal of a rhetorical analysis paper is to demonstrate your knowledge on a particular argument and to explain through different writing strategies why this is your message you wish to get across.

What made this paper hard to write?

This paper was difficult to write because they are very similar to objective summaries, but it had a lot more depth, personal opinion and techniques that differed from the objective summary.

What part of this paper was easy?

The summary of the article I think was the easiest part. We had already had practice with how to go about this part of the paper through the objective summaries, so it was the least difficult part to take on.

How might you use rhetorical analysis in your life?

You can use rhetorical analysis in your everyday life when you are trying to persuade someone to agree with your opinion or view on a certain subject. You give them a convincing argument that brings them to your side of the argument while explaining why your view is better.


Refelction on Research Topic

What does your preliminary research reveal about your topic?

My initial research on this topic showed me that there a variety of opinions on whether or not college athletics is affecting students athletes academic performance. However, I have found that graduation rates are at an all time low especially in basketball and football. Also, I have discovered how much money athletic programs are putting into athletics and facilities rather than the athletes education.

What are the controversies surrounding your topic?

  • One major contraversey in this topic is whether or not athletes coming out of college have an education to where they can support themselves outside of athletics in another job field. Many athletes are coming out with bogus degrees that leave them with little if no oppurtunites to succeed once they leave their university which is a very sad reality.

What position do you take in these controversies?

My stamce on this issue is yes, college athletics is clearly affecting acadmic succeess in the classroom for student athletes and their higher education. With their intense schedules on a daily basis, extra workouts, and other activities, it is very hard for student-athletes to give their full effort into theor schoolwork.

How do you plan to gather more information on this topic?

  • I prefer to do internet research because I feel you can gain the most information this way. I plan on also gathering information from scholorly books written by college professors or those who have researched this topic thoroughly enough to where they are credible.

Objective Summary Experience

A while back, our assignment in class was to write an objective summary on one of the articles in our book “They Say, I Say”. I did not find this assignment to diffifult, however i had trouble with a few elements that are required for a good summary. Since an objective summary cannot state your opinion on the subject, my writing had to be bias free and look more like a preview to the audience. I had never wrriten this way in high school and was a brand new experience for me. Besides that, I found out that objective summaries are not to difficult to right if you focus on what is in the writing and not on your own opinion which I believe i completed fairly well.

Paying Student Athletes?

The last blog i found, Paying Student Athletes Does Not Solve the Problem, is a very informative blog on how the author believes that NCAA Student Athletes should not be paid, even though they are making all the money for their schools. The author believes that athletic scholorships are more than enough for the athletes as well as the benifits such as clothing and housing they recieve. I picked this blog because I am writing a paper in my EPFE class on this topic and it is very interesting to me as a student athlete. What works well in this blog is that the author offers a solution to the problem at the end of his post. Offering a solution is always a good way to end a paper or blog post becasue it shows the audience you have thought about the issue thoroughly and putting full effort into the blog. What I would have done differently however was extend the blog and make it more detailed. There are a few details I believe the author left out that would have made his post more valid and persuasive to the reader.

Synthesis Papers

1) The difference between a synthesis paper and a rhetorical analysis paper is opinion. A synthesis paper allows you to voice your opinion while a rhetorical analysis paper does not and is based strictly on what the author says.

2) The main goal of a synthesis paper is to express your opinion on a piece of literature using the article, magazine, or other source you used. You can agree or disagree with the other, but you should include both sides of the argument on the topic in your writing.

3)What made it hard to right the synthesis paper was validating the authors to make them seem credible or not credible. All of the articles in the readings seemed credible, however you had to concentrate and see if the author was being biased and using factual statistics or just basing off their own opinions.

4) What was easy about writing the synthesis paper was writing your own opinion on the topic. Opinion papers are always the easiest for me because it is easier to write what you think rather than what the author thinks.

5) Synthesis you can see in everyday life in the media. News stations, magazines, newsspapers, and other media relations voice their own opinions on issues all the time. They twist stories and facts all the time to make their ideas seem more credible and factual all the time.

The World of Sports Agents

Being a sports agent seems easy. Manage a proffesional athletes money and get paid a percentage of their salary, but is this the wrong assumption by far. This article discusses the duties of sports agents in proffesional sports today and all of the work they have to put in. The reason I chose this blog was because I am considering becoming a sports agent in the future as my proffession. Most sports agents are lawyers, so I would have to attend law school first. What worked well in this blog was the writing strategy. It started out with an introduction of what sports agents are and continued to how they operate their busy days and what they have to accomplish to become successful. However, one area in which i believe the author could have improved on was the amount of text. It was very long, and hard to follow at times.